One to Watch: Hanna ter Meulen

The Jefferson Hack edited publication Another Man is a trove of art, design, and fashion items that provide a necessary alternative to more mainstream fare. Where else would I have come across Hanna ter Meulen, a recent Royal College of Art graduate who has been “turning down work offers from some of the more esteemed French houses”.

Instead, and luckily for those of us searching for collections offering a clear individuality, ter Meulen has started her own namesake label. In what seems to be a rarity, she is a woman designing menswear (although Unis’ Eunice Lee also comes to mind). Her pieces are (in her own words) “really wearable”. But don’t let that moniker fool you — there is a complex construction and level of detail similar to Ann Demeulemeester or Dries van Noten.  Ter Meulen grew up in the Netherlands and it seems she’s adopted a bit of the Low Countries’ aesthetic into her work.

From her loookbook for F/W 2010 a favorite is the jacket with a weave on the shoulder. First glance at that piece immediately inspired for me not only the rest of the outfit but the place I would wear something so distinctive. The long black coat is a testament to both ingenuity and what must have been tireless patience. And the houndstooth coat, bunched together in the back (perhaps a nod to the skinny boys the designer admits to liking) is a piece that seems like a street photographers dream. Who could resist shooting the person walking across a cobbled street in that coat and a tall pair of boots.

It is with great interest that we await ter Meulen’s S/S collection and with it the progression of her fledgling label. It is with even greater interest that I look for stockists to acquire some of this fantastic work!

Source: Hanna ter Meulen,

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