Shao-Yen Chen’s color for Spring

Using nylon string blended with cashmere and lycra, Shao-Yen Chen designs plush knitwear so voluminous and fine you’d think it’s fur. The designer, who recently graduated from Central St. Martins, is on to his second collection. For Spring 2011, Shao Yen departed from his all-white collection of the Fall and used a limited but colorful palette. Skin, as his Spring collection is called, uses a different compositional structure using the designer’s signature knitwear style in combination with, and as an accent to, other designs. Shao Yen’s fall collection was all about the technique–the all-white palette helped to highlight this—but the Spring collection is a showcase of Shao Yen’s potential. The designer used a pleated tunic dress as the foundation for his collection, and from there he integrated his knitwear into the garment to form a sculptural and feminine silhouette. This combination helped to successfully translate Shao Yen’s talents into wearable and stunning pieces.

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