Fashion’s New Guard, as worn by blogger Joey Ma

Not often in our pursuit of the emerging designer do we come across someone with such enthusiasm for fashion as Hong Kong-based blogger Joey Ma. Like many of his contemporaries, Joey uses his blog as a platform where he showcases his latest designer pieces, but unlike most, Joey stands out in a crowd of fashion followers by blurring the social boundaries between the masculine and the feminine, the observer and the player, the ordinary and the avant-garde, to create a style uniquely his own.

As friend and fan, wonderMode asked Joey to introduce to our readers his five favorite emerging designers. Below are his five choice designers, all of whom he personally knows and supports.

Sasa Kovcevic Jacket and Leggings

1. Sasa Kovacevic

Sasa started his fashion label “Sadak” in 2007 when he was studying in Berlin, and since his graduation last summer, Sasa has shown two full collections. Originally from Serbia, Sasa moved to Berlin to escape from war and eventually he found his passion for fashion design. I love his multi-cultural background; it really shows through his pieces. Another reason that I love Sadak is because he creates and hand dyes all the fabrics for his collections, therefore, all the pieces have a limited production. The crazy jacket and leggings are my favorite pieces from Sadak’s Spring 2011 collection.

Studio 805 velvet jumpsuit and Balmung ruffled top

2. Andrew Bannister

Andrew is the director and designer for “Studio 805″ which was founded by the designer in June of 2008. He designs progressive menswear and unisex pieces. I love his pieces because of his crazy pattern cutting skills and the use of bold colors and cloths. I found out he honed his pattern cutting skills whilst on placement at Vivienne Westwood. No wonder I love “Studio 805″. Andrew has shown three collections so far. The velvet jumpsuit is the piece that made me first fall in love with “Studio 805″.

3. Hachi Balmung

The 25-year-old Hachi started his fashion label Balmung back in 2008 and has shown five collections so far. I first discovered Balmung when I was in Japan last summer and I just fell in love with the piece that I’m wearing in the photo. I love the sleeves with ruffle details, and yet the piece is a sweater with a zipper; it’s just so unique and brilliant. I love the fact that Hachi always plays with different fabrics and cuttings to create such special pieces.

Orschel-Read jacket and pants, Ziad Ghanem tracksuit and circle accessories

4. Stefán Orschel-Read

Stefán created his fashion label “Orschel-Read” in 2008. He graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins in 2008 with an honours degree in Menswear Fashion. It is rare to find a young designer who only does menswear nowadays. Stefán has shown both ready to wear and couture collections. I love how well-made his clothes are. All the details are just pitch perfect. Both the jacket and the pants are created by Stefán. He specially made the pants for me. He called them “Gaga pants” because Lady Gaga wore a black one to an event before. For his Spring 2011 collection, “The Spy Who Becomes Me”, he takes a new direction move to making well fitting suits. I love the fact that he keeps bringing new elements into his collections.

5. Ziad Ghanem

What can I say about Ziad Ghanem? Let’s just say I own more than 30 pieces of his clothing. Ziad Ghanem has two lines: Maiden Britain is the ready-to-wear line and he also has his Couture line. I just love the fact that he is doing both couture and ready-to-wear pieces because he will mix couture techniques into his ready-to-wear designs. While he first showed his collection back in 2007, I only found out about him in 2009, and the first fashion show that I went at London Fashion Week was Ziad’s show. I love the creativity he has with using different prints, colors, fabrics, and 3D structures all while still incorporating his middle eastern background into his clothing.

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