WonderMode’s Featured Designer Lui Hon: An Interview

Since his debut on the first season of Project Runway Australia, the Melbourne-based designer Lui Hon has been a rising name on the global fashion scene. In March the designer was nominated for the prestigious LMFF Designer Award, and if that implies anything, it should be that this designer’s eponymous collection is a hot commodity.

Your collection is currently sold across Australia, and now you’ll be selling your collection on wonderMode as well. Is it difficult for young labels, like Lui Hon, to meet an increased demand for inventory?
It is, particularly because a lot of the fabric I use is limited edition.

Do you think you were destined to become a designer? If not, did you consider any other careers?
When I was a child, my mother put down in front of me 3 items: drumsticks, scissors, and a pencil. I chose the scissors; the rest is history.

What advice would you give a young designer just starting out in the industry?
K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

What’s the most difficult aspect about starting a new collection?
Probably getting the balance between concept and wearability.

What’s the most difficult aspect about launching a label?
Finding the right people who are on the same page as myself.

Also, what was the biggest difficulty you encountered when you started your label?
Time Time Time! There’s not enough of it. Also, finding the right person to deal with the business-side of the label – many people at the beginning wanted to help, which they did and it was much appreciated. However I needed someone that could take the reigns and run with it. I found that person.

Which Australian city is more fashionable: Sydney or Melbourne?
Well, Sydney is more trend driven whereas Melbourne is more individualistic, so it’s difficult to say.

What is the worst fashion faux pas?
Definitely a women wearing a man’s shirt as a dress.

That sounds awful. Let’s bring the conversation back up! What do women look best in?
That’s easy—KILLER HEELS.

What are some of your talents and interests that might surprise people?
Music, Food and Love, though not in that order. I went scuba diving for the first time recently, and that was a surprise to myself.

Do you have one fashion designer or label that you admire most?
Madeleine Vionnet – I think the silhouettes of the garments that were designed during that period bring true femininity out in the wearer. Vionnet exemplifies fashion: iconic, trend-setter, extraordinarily creative, visionary, courageous.

You can shop Lui Hon’s collection by visiting his wonderMode shop here.

[Images: Lui Hon]

2 Responses to WonderMode’s Featured Designer Lui Hon: An Interview

  1. Dacey says:

    Lui Hon is a great fashion designer since his collection is awesome and looks so beautiful.She has the good color sense.Taking her interview is a great honor

  2. Lui has been one of my fave designers ever sine Project Runway. Every collection seems fresh even though he has a definite look. He’s going to be one of the new generation designers honoured at our Spring Fashion Runway on September 1st too. So good choice having him join you!

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