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Project Runway’s Past Competitors: Where are they Now?

When a contender is eliminated from the television series Project Runway, host Heidi Klum dismisses he or she in her native German Language— “Auf Wiedersehen,” Klum ceremoniously advises. However, “Goodbye” is not the proper sendoff for...

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The “D’Vine” Divia Harilela

Not only is Divia Harilela the founder of the trendsetting blog The D’Vine, but she is also one of the most sought after fashion journalists in Asia and beyond. As South China Morning Post’s Senior Fashion...

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Silva/Bradshaw’s Magnetic Minimalism

I’m a sucker for ring-bedecked hands-thumb rings, stone rings, pinkie rings, all-metal rings, bejeweled rings, knuckle rings- and I am always in search of a new piece to slip on my finger. I found out about...

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Interview with Ryan Cox: Filthy Home’s Virtuoso

Filthy Home: Aesthetically pleasing, seemingly simple yet intricately deceptive. Filthy Home’s wallpapers may appear like your standard patterned wall décor, but look closer to discover the subliminal “filth” of each design. Take, for example, the wallpaper...

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The Murder of Jean Seberg: Where Film Meets High Fashion

“NARRATIVE IS DEAD. BEAUTY IS CONCLUSIVE. Film should not give satisfaction.” -The Murder of Jean Seberg Watching the introduction to the film is like looking into kaleidoscope. Mirroring images unfold and open into each other; pictures...

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